Bottom hunt spearfishing. General technique.

Bottom hunt spearfishing

It name defines us. Consist to lie in the background, using the terrain to hiding us, or sometimes only lying in it. Once located and still expect the fish to come attracted by curiosity.

Bottom hunt spearfishing

This technique is practiced in all kinds of backgrounds, from almost the foam surface, quiet areas or in great depths. All fish can be caught as well. Contrary to what usually think often is not necessary a long apnea for bottom hunt spearfishing. Moreover, in a few seconds after hitting the bottom the fish is coming.

You can completely remain in silent or make noises inciting looking fish to approach. Throaty noises, with the speargun in the bottom, scraping with hand on rocks or sand, releasing bubbles … so many things you can do. And sometimes they are very effective.

This kind of fishing can be supplemented with small displacements. Or when we are in the foam making a wait. In a stalking do a wait too. Each moment different kinds of fishing could be necessary. Mixing them.

Typically, if you are fishing with this technique longer rifles are a good reach. Size starting on a 90cm and then upwards. Wood spearguns could be a good option when we are looking for long shots or big fishes.