We have been using that fins one season to try it and know perfectly how they works. No we can do that. You could watch videos and photos that we have uploaded, using the CKV. So now we think that we can make this review properly.

As always were made to measure. Specific for us: our weight, wetsuit, deep… Thinking about a lot of hours in the water and fighting through currents.

The 28 Pro Vector are very well made. Great finished and fit perfectly into the footpocket. Don´t need glue or similar like other ones need. You can see in the photos how they fit and how the blades are made specific for each brand. Depending the footpocket the blade must be reinforced in specific parts, because the horn is different in each brand. With this blades the combination works perfect.

We used a Salvimar K Reinforced. It´s a bit heavier than other ones, but we like it because it´s easier to swim in the surface or fishing in shallow waters. Help us to keep it close to the bottom. And let the carbon works great. For freediving or spearfishers who like something very light and go deep, the Pathos is recommended. Much lighter, thinner horns… It is a very good combination too.

The main difference between the CKV 28 Pro Advance is that they are asymmetrical. The point is 23.5cm width and with the specific shape. The length will be shorter or longer depending the use. In your store will advise the best ones for you.

Each blade is made for the footpocket

The fins work great. A bit better than the 28 Pro Advance specially in the surface and going up or down. We will keep a better finning position. The specific shape allow us to avoid some problems that the “normal fins could give to us. We won´t push harder with the internal part of the fin. Vector fins fix that.

Our sensations were really good. The first day we felt the power and how easy to use they were. We could swim really fast and easy.

With good sea conditions we are very fast, easy and with no effort. But it´s when the wind, the waves and current appear when we will appreciate how good they are. A friend told us that the first time with current he could fight it very easy. A lot of time finning and he ended no tired. The same with his older fins would be really hard.

With this fins we can stay a lot of hours fishing and with no problems.

When we are going down or ascending to the surface is just the same. We could try it in Portroe. It´s a lake close to 40m deep. We were doing some deep dives and really good. You can see the video in this link. You can go to the surface fast and easy. And if you are overweighted the fins are powerful enough to move you.

One of the advantages over other models and brands is that they are very progressive. Some brands are soft and allow us to swim easy on the surface, but when we need to move more weight when we are deep or have power to fight waves they don´t work properly. This ones can do it.

You can see that are only good words. Some of you will think that is only advertising but we could be using the fins that we want, and we chose the CKV 28 Pro Vector. Some customers from Subandcast who already have it can confirm this review. We never heard a bad opinion.


  • Made to measure. Will work perfectly because are made specific to us.
  • Quality and good finished.
  • Price


  • The only thing is the time that we wait for the blades. We need to order it and wait while they make it and ship it. But Subandcast has some models in stock, specific for the most common weights. If you are lucky and they have it the good one for you, you won´t need to wait.

We hope you like the review about one of the best carbon fins in the market. You can ask any question in the forum or in facebook.

You can find this blades in at the best price and adviced by spearfishing professionals.