Install camera base mount in speargun Sigalsub

Install a camera base mount in a speargun



Many of us enjoy recording our spearfishing days so we need to install a camera in our speargun (or in our mask) and many times we can have troubles because our gun has not an specific camera mount or we don´t know how to do it.

There are some spearguns where it is very simple as they have their own, but many others do not. If we are thinking about recording and changing our gun is something we should have in mind. After many years recording and doing videos I had many different ones and I can say that ones of the best are the Sigalsub. Sigaslsub has the adaptors, specific to most of the brands and spearguns in the market, and the base mount that fits in all of them. These adaptors are designed to fit in the specific model, and we can find it for Cressi, Omer, Salvimar… Most of the guns and models.

Today we are going to see how to install an adaptor and camera base mount in a Sigalsub Nemesis, this is a model very simple to do it (and an amazing gun) so if you are thinking in a gun to use with a camera, have a look on it. We will upload a review soon. In this article (at the top) is the video explaining how to do it and we will see step by step with pictures in the next lines.

As we can see in the picture, the Sigalsub Nemesis has 2 screws where the adaptor will be screwed. We remove them.

At this place we place the adaptor. The specific one for our model.

We screw the 2 screws included and the adaptor is installed. Very easy. The good point with this Sigalsub adaptors I that the camera base can be removed, so when we do not use it, while we transport the gun… we avoid damages in the base mount or in the camera.

The camera base is very easy to install on the adaptor, it is a rail and a screw, we tighten it and it is ready to use.

And to remove it is the opposite, unscrew and remove the base mount. There are many different camera base to use with the adaptor: carbon, Stainless steel, aluminium, longer, shorter ones… So we will find the best one for us.

So if you are looking for a camera base for your speargun have a look on the Sigalsub, I recommend them as the best ones I have tried.

As usual you can find them in Subandcast and Alan can help you in any question


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