Introduction to salmon fishing



This is the first chapter of a series of articles we will upload about salmon fishing. We will see the different techniques and in the next ones we will go on detail about all of them (one or two chapters for prawn/worm, another one for spinning and 1 or 2 more for fly fishing).

First of all we will see the different techniques for salmon fishing. We will divide them in worm/prawn/shrimp, spinning and fly fishing.

Prawn/shrimp and worm we will see different techniques. In Spain we use long rods, from 8 to 12m and the line directly on us. Not using floats or something similar. In Ireland and UK are more common using floats or weights.

As we said we use prawn, shrimp and worm mostly. Sometimes 2 together. But there are many rivers where worm or prawn is not allowed. And there are other rivers where is only worm fishing allowed.

In the article about them we will see the different techniques and the knots, lines, rods… Many people do not like or think that is simple or “not as respectable” as fly fishing. We will see that it can be, specially with long rods which you are feeling the bait all the time and the fight is really good. But the problem with this techniques is that sometimes is impossible to release the fish.

Another chapter will be for spinning. And we will include here spinners, “Rapalas”, spoons and fly (using bubble). In Ireland and UK probably the most used spinners are the Flying C´s and toby´s. In Spain Mapso and Mepps are more common. We will see them, the technique, equipment… And we will have a look on the bubble.

Finally we will see fly fishing. Two hands, one hand… rods, reels, lines, leaders, flies and techniques.

All of that considering the season, river, water temperature, weather…

These articles pretend to be a help to all the people who is starting and a personal point of view to others who are more experienced.

Very soon, the next chapter.





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