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  1. […] We adjust the knot at the end of the rubber taking care of not waste it. And make the wishbone as short as possible. And we close it. Pulling too much is not necessary and is not a good idea too as will damage the rubber easier. The balls are big enough to don´t go through the knot without closing it too much. In this link you can see how to do the knot. […]

  2. Nice article, thank you.

    I have a 72in fully enclosed track bluewater gun made by Blacktip. It is made out of burmese teak. I purchased it to hunt wahoo. It currently shoots an 8mm shaft with four 38 inch long 16mm bands (not small ID). What band configuration would you suggest for this gun for maximum range?

    Someone told me they thought three 14mm small ID bands would be better than having the four larger bands.

    I appreciate your help and advice.

      • 6 – 7 m currently but it would be nice to achieve the same and load the gun faster with only 3 bands if the 14mm small ID bands would work on a gun so large. Thank you!

        • I wouldn´t go for a small ID. I prefer the normal one. Not the “big” like the Omer. The normal like in the Salvimar Acid Green. Small ID like some Primeline gave me less performance. I d´nt like them. Prefer the normal one.
          I don´t know if 3 16mm normal ID would be enough. I guess 3 14mm small ID would be similar (even less) tan 4 16mm.
          Other option would be going into 3 17-17.5mm if you prefer 3 rubbers.

  3. Trae_FL if you could give us the total length of your speargun. The rubbers you are using, the shaft, the range do you have now in your shots… we can give you our opinión/advise