Review Speargun Epsealon Striker Pro



Today we are going to talk about this new “Pro” version about a speargun we have talked before: the Epsealon Striker. You can find the review here. This new speargun Epsealon Striker Pro is a new set up over the Epsealon Striker base.

If we talk about the description, it is a speargun with a 28mm guided barrel. It is very strong so it can hold powerful rubbers and set ups. We will talk again about the awesome trigger mechanism in SS 316L. It is a great quality trigger that can hold a lot of power. It allows us to use powerful set ups like double 16mm rubber bands like the ones on this gun, and the trigger will work smoothly, without any difference on a simple set up. It comes with a 7mm top quality Sandvik shaft with shark fins and tricuspid. The reel is included but we didn´t use it as we wouldn´t need it, we chose faster and easier movements on the kelp and waves than the reel.

For sure it is a “radical” set up on a gun like this. Double 16mm rubber band, 7mm shaft… Designed for long and powerful shots looking for big fish. For our usual spearfishing here in Galicia was a bit “too much” in our opinion, but thanks to it I could catch a big seabass with a long shot that I wouldn´t be able to do with a normal set up. You can see it in the video at the end of the article.

We are not going to talk bout the description of the different components on the Epsealon Striker as we did it on the Epsealon Striker review you can find clicking here so we will focus on this model, explaining our feeling with it and our experience using it.

It is a double 16mm rubber band and a 7mm Sandvik shaft so the movements won´t be the same as a single rubber band and a 6,25mm shaft. It is slower and heavier as it must be, but we were really surprised as it was not as heavy as we had thought before using it. It worked very good, with good lateral movements in hard conditions like waves, currents and kelp. And plus that we were using the camera base mount and camera, so it was slower and heavier that it must be without it.

The loading was easy being a double 16mm rubber band. This rubbers are great quality, very strong and fast shots. With this set up we had great shots at the end of the double wrap. You can see it in the video at the end of the review, with a great seabass at the end of the line, completely trespassed. Accurate and powerful shot.

We could feel the recoil with this set up, but was not excessive and it didn´t affect the accuracy. We had fast, accurate long shots, much more than we expected.

The muzzle worked great. It is very easy to load the gun and hold the shaft with the line. Much easier than other models on the market that you need to do a “Master” to use them. On this model is easy and fast, something we appreciate specially in hard situations like bad visibility, when we need to do it fast or in rough sea situations.

The handle is very comfortable, allowing us to do easy movements and with the recoil.

The set up is great and the gun will offer a great balance on the water, balance we will allow a better accuracy and movements.

As a resume we will like to say that in our opinion it is a great gun, perfect for spearos who are looking for a gun for long shots, powerful and able to catch big fish. Of course it is plenty of models on the market for that, but not too many with a great quality set up like this one. Sandvik shaft, awesome rubbers, very good quality SS 316L trigger… and at a great price (I would say cheap) because many models that offer something similar are much more expensive. So for the spearos who are looking for something like this, it is our personal recommendation. Great for big pollock in Irish or UK waters, for Dentex or big seabass… And as an image is better that words, you can see a video of this gun in action. If you are interested, you can contact with our friends Subandcast, they will offer the best service.

[vc_video link=”” title=”Spearfishing with Epsealon Striker Pro”]