Rubber to avoid leaking water in your wetsuit


Avoid leaking wáter in your wetsuit

One of the most important details to be warm in the water is not having leaks in our wetsuit. Sometimes we can have them between our jacket and pants. It is really disgusting the cold water going inside. And if we have bags of wáter inside the wetsuit, pretty son we will be cold


So the best and better neoprene could be a cold wetsuit.

With this cheap DIY we can fix that.

It is very simple. Just a elastic rubber that will press jacket and pants together. And will be thighter to us.

We will need an elastic rope. Nothing else.

The rope should be thick, not too thin so we can manipulate it easy. And must be elastic. One too rigid would not work as good

We will start cutting the rope and burning both sides.

We will make a first knot. A simple knot is enough. Or we can do it double.

After this we will put the rope paralell and we do a second knot.

Now we have a loop that we can do it wider or shorter as we need.

And it is done. Just like this.

In this video you can see how to use it and how it is in our wetsuit.


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