Salmon and Spinach Lasagne


We have today a new receipt: Salmon and Spinach Lasagne. We hope you like it!

Salmon and Spinach lasagne


10 lasagna sheets

2 Salmon slices

1 onion (big)

2 garlic

200gr spinach


  1. In a pot with water we put a few olive oil and salt. When the water is boiling we put the lasagne sheets and let it boil 10 minutes. When It is cooked we take it of the water a put it on a plate. Doing that we prevent a overcooked.

  1. Put in a frying pan some olive oil, when it´s hot we put the garlic and the onion, minced. When starts to take colour we put the spinachs and put in lower fire.

3-  In a different pan we cooked the salmon, with a few olive oil. Once cooked, we take of the skin and the spines. Then we mince it.

4-  Mix the salmon and the spinach

Bechamel (sauce)






For the béchamel we put the butter in a hot pan. In low fire we let it melt. Once it is melt we put the flour. Removing it a we let the flour adquires a toasted colour (be careful or it could be burned) Put a few nutmeg. Then we aggregate the milk, previously warmed and remove (the fire should be low) If we have problems to eliminate lumps we can finish it in a  blender. We can modify milk or flour to make it more or less dense. In this recipe we used 150g of flour and 1 litre of milk.

Then we mix the béchamel with the salmon and spinach in a very low fire. We keep some béchamel to cover the lasagne. Salt and pepper.

Finally we mount the lasagne in a platter (like the photos) We can cover the base with Olive oil or a few béchamel to prevent stick. Some grated cheese and to the oven.