Socks Spetton Winter



Spetton offer these socks. As their name is saying, they are designed for winter and cold waters. Available in 3mm or 5mm thickness these socks are reinforced so won´t be damaged as easy as most of the models. They will be a great choice and a good value.

Socks use to brake on the sole because of walking with them over the rocks, boat… Spetton winter has a sole with a strong lined Supratech (similar than the knee reinforcement in some wetsuits) really hard to break.

They are smooth skin outside. That will allow us to put our fins easier. And our foot will fit better on it too.

They have a good finish so they are very comfortable and do not hurt our feet. They are reinforced with a softer nilon on the front and rear part, so won´t be damaged there.

They are great socks, perfect not only for cold waters but for warm water too, to have a long lasting socks.

We must be careful when we are wearing them, not to pull hard from the smoot skin. If we do that we could break them as we see in the image. It is not a big deal as with a drop of glue would be fixed. And it is only cosmetic as the lined inside will avoid brake them deeply. Will be only the smooth skin.

The lined inside is hydrophobic so make the socks warm and avoid it moving in our feet or slip inside of it as sometimes happens in microporous inside.

We highly recommend these socks and we used them for a long time. Good value and great performance.


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