Urine collector system pee outside wetsuit

Installing a urine collector system to pee outside the wetsuit



We are going to see how to install a urine collector to pee outside the wetsuit. This model is very comfortable and you won´t have any leaks.

It is a very easy installation. The collector (condom) will be attached to a hose so when we pee the urine flows outside the wetsuit.

Urine collector or “condom”

We will fix the “condom” with medical tape most of the times. Like the one you can see in the image. The one in fabric is the best as many others won´t hold in the water. When we use the collector for first time it has a band that works fine. But it can only be used once. If we want to use more times the collector we must use the tape.

Tape we recommend

If we reuse the collector we must clean them to avoid infections or other problems. 

One advice is to cut your hair (of course, there) as the tape will stick much harder in your hairs than in your skin. So when you remove it after diving can be more painful if you have a “hairy place”

To install the system we will need:

·         A small neoprene patch. We can do it without this patch but will work better and will be stronger.

·         A hose with an appropriate diameter (a bit bigger than the collector so will remain in the right position.

·         Neoprene glue

·         Stormsure or similar to reinforce the borders of this patch.

As we can see we do not need too many things.

It is very important where we are going to install it. Depends on which side we use to have our penis (right or left side) so we will install it there. We recommend that it must be a but upper than where the jacket ends so it will cover this patch and avoid leaks (and keep it protected)

Place where we have it

A nice place is in our belly close to our hips. The hose must be extended. We must avoid angles that can close the hose and don´t let the urine flows. And the end of the hose must go outside the jacket if not the urine would flow again inside the jacket. In the image you can see where I use to have it.

First of all we must cut a small circle or square of neoprene. Small size.

Once we have it we must mark on the wetsuit where it is going to be placed.

We put neoprene glue in both sides and let it dry as we would do in any other repair.

We put the patch and press it firmly.

Once it is glued we can reinforce it with Stormsure or similar. We do it with a special glue.

We will do a small hole where we will pass the hose. This hole must be very small so the neoprene will press it and avoid leaking water. And we will let us move the hose in and out to adjust the length.

It is done. We will check that it is not too tight so the air flows and so the urine will. We must remove the hose when we are not going diving to avoid it getting loose.

Each time we go diving we must put the “condom”. It is like a normal one. We will fix it with the tape or the band it has. After that we put the hose in our wetsuit and we will put it. When we have it almost done we will insert the hose in the collector. We finish with our pants and we will check that the hose is extended.

If there is an angle or the urine can´t flow properly we can release the hose just pulling by it so we can pee as usual. And leaving the hose inside the jacket will avoid from water coming in.

Using this we can pee outside the wetsuit easy and comfortable.

If you are looking to install this system or to find what you nee contact us in www.subandcast.com

If you have any question or doubt you can leave us a comment or go to the fórum.

We do not accept any responsability and you do it under your own risk, taking care of all the precautions and cleaning properly the collector.


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