Waiting Technique



It’s defined by its name. It consists in lay down on the bottom, using the terrain to hide, or sometimes just laying down on it. Once we are in position and motionless, we wait for the fish, which comes because it feels curiosity. 

This technique is practiced on all kind of bottoms, from almost the surface in the foam or calmed spots until big depths. All the species can be captured like this. Unlike the general though, is not needed a big breath-hold for this technique. Sometimes, in just a few seconds after having reached the bottom, the fish already comes to us. 

Depending on the conditions, we can hide ourselves totally, or stay more visible. But note that this is not about being totally unseen, but stimulate the fish to come and see “what’s going on” 

When the wait is done on spots with currents, we will always do it on its direction. The fish will come against the current, using it on its favor if it needs to scape. Usually to the open sea, when it happens on the free water. But sometimes, this can change. For example, if the school is located on one specific spot, and we will wait for them to come to us, then we will position ourselves in the direction of the school. Or in places with sand, where white sea bass or dentex can be seen, we will position ourselves looking to this points. We will know it because all of them come from the same spot. 

When it’s in the swell’s foam, we will position ourselves looking at it. The predators are hunting and they will come close to see what is going on. We can see it on this video: 

It’s possible to stay in complete silence, or make noises trying to stimulate the fish to get closer. Noises with the throat, with the handle of the gun, scratching the bottom with the hands, releasing bubbles… one thousand different things. And they are very effective sometimes. 

The waiting technique can be complemented with little movements on the bottom. Or wait when we are in the swell. Or during a stalk, do a small wait in between. It can be necessary to do one thing or the other in each moment. Only the experience can give us this knowledge. 

It’s usual to use long guns, with good reach, when fishing with this technique. The starting size is 90cm and more. With one single band, double bands, rollers… The fish and the conditions, along with our personal taste, will determine what we need.