Wrong Choice


I received today my new rod, it´s a Cinnetic Crafty Lagos. Is a specific rod for trout fishing and other medium size. 2.10m length and 7-28 action. When I have well tested I will upload a review.

The day is perfect for fishing. Maybe better to have a nice day at the lake. No wind a warm.

I´m taking all the stuff and in my hand is the fly rod, I let it at home, today I´m thinking in spinning so…

I look if everything is in the car and go to the lough.

As I expected the day is perfect. The lake is glass and temperature around 20 degrees. Water level is good too. So I prepare the kayak, inflate it and prepare all the equipment.

Cinnetic crafty lagos

I am going to use the new rod and a silver spoon in 8g. The other one is a Shallow pike and a red tag spinner.

I star rowing and trying to go to a nice spot. The last day I couldn´t go there because of the swans. And today there are other anglers there. Bad luck! I pass by their side and say hello. They told me that no fish at the moment.

I go a bit further, to a nice pool which I like it. There are a few islands and in the middle this deep pool. I start to be afraid. I can see jumps, trouts feeding on the surface. There is a olive ephemera massive hatching. I try passing the spoon, but when they are feeding to flies… they only want flies. I left the fly rod at home!

Lough Corrib

I try it, all the time, but nothing. It´s impossible. Only eat flies. More and more jumps, close to me. Everywhere. I change the bait. Spoons, spinners, different colours and sizes, but nothing happens. Then I try with a Koolie minnow and I have an attack, but only that.

I know that it´s complicated to have any hook so I try deeper for pikes. I try but the same result, nothing. I´m getting annoyed. If you don´t see fish and have no catches it´s ok. But when you can see a lot of life it´s frustrating. Much more when you know fly fishing would be effective but …

Brown trout

At least the weather is good. I go to an island and make me a sandwich. A “chorizo” sandwich, typical from my country, Spain. While I enjoy this meal I still see jumps.

After resting I start again. I know that probably won´t have any catch, but what else can I do?

I try in different places. Maybe I´m lucky and discover a new spot. After two hours I decide to come back. While I´m rowing, close to the car, I see a jump. I nice trout. I remember the last year, just in the same place I saw a very big one jumping. So I try, my last casts.

The first one I have nothing. In the second one I hook something. I don´t know if it´s a rock, the bottom… That first second while the fish start fighting is exciting. And here is. Big pulls say me that is a nice trout. Star running and I try to force the rod, stopping it. It blends a lot and then I need to adjust the brake. And the trout releases line. I´m towed by this trout. It´s big and strong. I think it´s the biggest one that I had.

Brown trout in lough Corrib

When the trout is close to the kayak starts running again. I fight a few minutes more and here is it. I can net it. I think it´s 62-65cm and 2-2.5kg, but I´m a fisherman so maybe it´s not exactly.

I take photos and to the lough again. Needs half a a minute to rest, and then go to the bottom, quickly. If I´m lucky I will see it again.


There is no more to do, so come back to the car. At least I had one. And the next time I will have all the stuff, fly rod included.

Next day I expect to have more catches and not only one (and lucky) But I could try the new rod, this Cinnetic Crafty Lagos.

I´ll tell you how it was next day.

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