This is a typical recipe when we go out in Galicia looking for tapas. In Coruña, Santiago… You can find it easy.

This is an easy recipe and very good as starter.





          Bay leaves

          Parsley (to put it over when it´s finished)

          Cayenne Pepper or similar spicy pepper

          Spicy pepper powder

          Fried tomato sauce or similar


First of all will be the sauce. Cut the onion in very small pieces. As small as we can. And the garlic.


We will put some olive oil in a pan a fry the onion and garlic. Must be slow cooking. If you like the onion crunchy you can fry it faster. But we prefer to do it slowly.

Add the cayenne pepper. As much as we want. That will make the “furious tigers” more or less furious. I used 3 with 1kg of mussels.

We let it cook slowly.

When we check that the onion is almost done we add the fried tomato sauce. We can use tomato sauce too.

Now we put some water in a pot and put it boiling. Add some bay leaves and the mussels. We don´t need too many water, the mussels will be cooked with the vapour not in the water. If we add a glass of white wine in the water will be better taste. Remove the mussels and check when are open. Don´t overcook or will lose taste and would get harder.

While the sauce is being reduced we taste it and add more spicy pepper powder. A good “furious tigers” should ask for a sip each one.

We remove one of the shells of each mussel. And leave the other one with the meat inside.

Finally we put the sauce in each shell over the mussel. We can put some parsley over it.

And it´s done. Enjoy it!