Scallops “a la gallega”

Scallops “a la gallega”

Today we cooked a typical Galician recipe. We changed it a bit, because usually has grated bread on the top. If we like the bread we just need to put it over the onion just before introduce it into the oven.


It´s a easy and very tasty recipe.


  • Scallops with the shell.
  • Onion
  • Spanish Jam or bacon
  • Grated bread or chees if we like it and we want to change the recipe

First of all we are going to cut the onion very small. We will need a lot of onion because when we put it to be browned lose a lot of water and at the end will be much less.


When we have it cut we start cooking it. Slow cooked. We will needprobably more than half an hour (I use to let it cooked around 45 minutes. Will be sweater and tastier. Some people prefer the onion crisp, so you can change the time or use a higher fire.

Cook onion

While the onion is being cooked we are going to clean the scallops. We will remove everything except the meat, and the “orange part” Remove everything from the shell. Clean it very well, and then put the clean meat inside.


Now we are going to cut the Spanish Jam in small pieces. We like this recipe with a lot of jam. Be careful because the jam has already salt. We can use bacon too.


When the onion is close to be finished we will add the jam and cooked it a few minutes. We will use a higher temperature.


When we have it cooked, we fill the shells with this mix. We can put as much as we want. And over it grated bread. We can put Cheese too. or nothing, like this ones (one is with cheese). And put into the oven.


Won´t need a lot of time. Around 10 min will be enough (250º C) We will see when it´s cooked. And that´s all. Easy and fast recipe.