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This section will be for Spearfishing Stories, pictures and travels. Spearfishing in other countries. If you want to share your ones send it to us and we will upload it.


First day in 2018 spearfishing season

STARTING THE 2018 SPEARFISHING SEASON Finally I waited till now, mid of May, to start this season. I went a couple times before but just...

First day winter season 2017 – 2018

FIRST DAY IN WINTER SEASON 2017 2018 After a very bad season because of the weather, the worst I remember since I am here in...

Spearfishing in Cork

TRYING A NEW SPEARFISHING SPOT IN CORK The spearfishing season in Ireland is ending so I didn´t doubt. I had the chance for a short...

Looking for new spots

Looking for new spots After a couple of bad days trying new spots and a bad summer (as always in Ireland) today I was lucky. I...


SPEARFISHING WITH FRIENDS This weekend was very good weather so we did a new dive. The water is still cold and the season is just...

Spearfishing Starting 2016

Spearfishing Starting 2016 After a long and hard winter the season is comming again. Here in Ireland the water temperature drops till 6-8 degrees. And viz...

Firs day in Ireland in 2015

FIRST DAY IN IRELAND IN 2015 Although it´s not the first day I go spearfishing it´s the first one that I could see some fish....

Pollock Spearfishing

Pollocks Today I went to a new place. I was diving there another time, but with very bad weather and low visibility. So this time...

Freediving and Spearfishing in Portroe

FREEDIVING AND SPEARFISHING IN PORTROE IRELAND Last weekend (13-14 June) was a freediving and spearfishing workshop in Portroe. And we have the presence of experts...





Spearfishing Equalization

First Day on 2015


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Great seabass in cave

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