DIY Spearfishing

In this section we will upload different articles about DIY in spearfishing. Rubber bands, neoprene repair, masks… All that we need in Spearfishing.

DIY Spearfishing

Install a pisete or liquid valve in a spearfishing wetsuit

INSTALL A PISETE OR LIQUID VALVE IN A SPEARFISHING WETSUIT Few days ago we uploaded an article about the risks and dangers about pee in...

Urine collector system pee outside wetsuit

INSTALLING A URINE COLLECTOR TO PEE OUTSIDE THE WETSUIT We are going to see how to install a urine collector to pee outside the wetsuit....

Rubber to avoid leaking water in your wetsuit

Avoid leaking wáter in your wetsuit One of the most important details to be warm in the water is not having leaks in our wetsuit....

Prevent mask fogging

Prevent mask fogging in spearfishing and scuba masks We are going to see the best way in mi opinion to prevent mask fogging. The masks get...

Set up Spearfishing Rubber Bands

SETTING UP SPEARFISHING RUBBER BANDS Today we are going to explain how to set up the spearfishing rubber bands. Each day is more important knowing...





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Great seabass in cave

Review Speargun Epsealon Striker

REVIEW SPEARGUN EPSEALON STRIKER We have a new review today. This time is the Epsealon Striker, a speargun we have been using this season. As...

Load speargun easy and safe

HOW TO LOAD A SPEARGUN PROPERLY (AND EASY) This is a question and a problem that many of our friends or customers in ask...
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