Install a pisete or liquid valve in a spearfishing wetsuit

How to install a pisete or liquid valve in our spearfishing or freediving wetsuit step by step



Few days ago we uploaded an article about the risks and dangers about pee in our wetsuit. And we uploaded an article about how to install a urine collector or “condom” to pee outside the wetsuit.

Today we are going to see how to install a pisete or liquid valve to pee outside the wetsuit. It is very easy and will only take us a few minutes. We don´t like it as much as the collector but it has a lot of fans too.

The first step will be making a pisete for us (our measure) or we can buy it already made. This is my favourite option and you can find it here (will come with instruction, measures and all done)

To install the pisete or liquid valve we will need scissors, something to measure, marker, neoprene glue and we can reinforce it with Stormsure orsimilar (we use a special glue for reinforce and fix stitches and joints.

First step will be mark where the pisete must be. Aprox 11cm from the bottom of the pants.

Measure and mark it.

We will put the mould of the pisete (or we will do it if we made the pisete ourselves) We mark the hole where the penis will go and we will mark around where the pisete will be glued.

Cut the hole with the scissors.

Apply glue where the pisete will be glued and to the pisete. The wetsuit must be completely dry and clean or the glue won´t stick properly. It is better if we can install it in new pants. Let the glue dry and when it is ready we put both together and press firmly all around.

We can check inside the pants if it is properly glued. If it is not we can do it. Be careful to not leave glue or other as can hurt later.

The external part can be reinforced with stormsure or similar (not inside)

Let it dry and it is ready to use.





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