Spearfishing rubber bands knot



Today we are going to show you how to do the knot for spearfishing rubber bands.

In this link you have the article about how to set up spearfishing rubber bands.

First we are going to lubricate the rubber where the knot will go to avoid damage when we close the knot. Water based lubricant (spit works too)

We go around the rubber with the line.


Do it again, but this time going over the first one. We will do like an X

Pass the line over the one we had before. The first one. And after that under the turn we did.

Pass again under the other one we had.

We can see how each end of the line go between the turn. Now we only need to close it and it´s finished. Burn the ends and be careful don´t let this ends touch the rubber or it could cut it.

You can see it with more detail in the article about set up rubber bands clicking here.

Here is the knot.