Metallic wishbone in Spearfishing rubber bands


Metallic wishbone in spearfishing rubber bands

In other articles we saw how to set up rubbers by meter. In this one we are going to see how to knot a metallic wishbone in a rubber. Like a dyneema wishbone, but metallic. And will be the same for M14 adaptors (to use in screwed muzzles or wishbones)

So this article will be helpful to all of you who are looking to use rubber bands bought by meter and don´t want to use dyneema wishbones.

The set up is very easy. Pretty similar when we do it with a dyneema wishbone. Only change the ball into a metallic wishbone.

First of all, we introduce the ball inside the rubber. We can use a lubricant (water based) If you don´t have, saliva (spit) is ok.

Do the same in the rubber where the knot will be.

Make the knot and close it

Cut the line and burn the ends

Here is the video

You can have all the stuff or the rubbers in Subandcast. We will help you if you have any doubt.