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Today we are going to talk about these fins. lately epsealon is growing more and more in our market, mainly because of the great quality of some of their equipment. We have been talking in recent articles about their great fusion wetsuits. Or their striker guns, simple, great quality in trigger and components. And today we are going to talk about their fins, the Epsealon Legends.

Some of you know me and you are aware that I am very critical about the fins. It is a part of our equipment that I require a lot. I want them perfect: comfortable, reactive, strong, powerful… And usually I prefer a longer fins.

We are going to start giving you a description of the fins, and after that I will give you my personal opinion about the fins. if you want to watch a video in wich I am using the fins, you watch it clicking here, together the Epsealon Striker Pro.

The fins are made with 3K carbon, 200g square metre. It is a very reative and high quality carbon and the fins are made with the most modern techniques. The weight of each fin is 880g.

There are 2 models: the legends, in blue stickers and soft stiffness and the legends plus, orange and medium stiffness (the ones in the pictures) The footpocket is great. Really soft in some parts and getting harder where it need to be. It is a wide footpocket and very comfortable. It transmit all the power to the blades and do not interfere with the blades (allow the carbon to work perfectly). Careful with the size, if you have doubts, better go for a higher size.

The “horns” have a clip to fix the blade. It offers a great union and very strong, so the blade won´t release in any situation.

Epsealon define the Epsealon legend as a perfect fins are the result of a perfect balance between performance, power and maneuverability. In my opinion they are a powerful fins, very comfortable. I felt them really powerful in big waves, moving me easy and fast. And a great take off from the bottom, when I am using a heavy belt (12kg). Good for long swimming being comfortable and not getting you very tired. Perfect when we are moving weight in our buoy.

They are very strong too, bearing a hard use. These fins won´t brake easy.

It is a progressive fin, working all blade along (the footpocket helps on this). It has not a very different thickness from the tip to the footpocket.

In fishing action we were surprised how easy we gained meters after the duckdive. They offered a high speed and power. And coming up to the surface the same, using a lot of weight we could take off from the bottom easy and fast.

On surface in long distances they worked great too. In ambush or in the kelp are top too.

So we can say that the description offered by the brand is accurate. And they come with a bag for free.

Our conclusion is that they are a great fins, versatile and powerful. A fins that won´t disappoint. The price is not too high, around 330 euros at the time of this article but probably we could find some offer in the best shops. As always, we recommend you Subandcast, our partners and spearfishing experts.


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