This weekend was very good weather so we did a new dive. The water is still cold and the season is just starting but after a week like summer we must go.

We didn´t think it more and a friend decided to go.

No wind, sun and the temperature is perfect. We met there another friend who was waiting to meet him.

Lot of tourists and people camping, with bbq´s… The day is very good.

We go to have a look to the water. Seem clear. And there are two buddies going into the sea. We wait some time talking to other friends who are camping there. They told us what we are thinking. Loads of spider crabs and no big fish.


No more delay and go to the car to prepare all the equipment. And ready to go. Today I´m going to try the new computer Salvimar ratio IDive. We can check the water temperature.

The sun is perfect when we are wearing the wetsuits. No rain, no drizzle like the last dives.

First look is perfect. Very clear water and cold as we thought. We feel it frozen in the face. I check the computer and 10 degrees. Not bad…


First dives happen what I was thinking. The clear water was on the shore and the first layer. But when we go deeper is turning green. Plancton and jellyfish. You can watch it in the video.

I can see good spider crabs, but I will wait till the end of the day. I don´t want to carry this weight all the time.

The first walls close to the shore find no life so I start looking more depth. When we leave the shore the bottom is sandy in 15-17m. And it´s going a bit deeper.  At the end we are in 20-23m.

Pollock in a hole
Pollock in a hole

The current is not strong today and we can stay good. Being first month in the season and cold waters don´t make it easy but we are enjoying the day.

We find some pollocks but smaller than we expected. Still looking for but nothing. Only groups of small ones, around 1kg.

But in a dive we can see some small ones and a bigger one a bit further. It´s in a channel between two big rocks. I can´t go there in the same dive so go up and anchor the buoy and don´t lose the point. It´s very important in deep fishing with currents, when we can´t see the bottom. Anchoring the buoy won´t lose the point.

The buoy is very important. we can use it and don´t lose the spot.
The buoy is very important. we can use it and don´t lose the spot.

I make a new dive and here it is in the same position. We get closer and don´t shoot. We wait a few to have a better shot and not hit the shaft in the rocks. A good shot from behind and have the first catch of the day.

I stay looking this spot. It´s a group of big rocks with holes. And more fish around. But not the size we wanted. We make an ambush over a rock and found it. A good shot and got it.


We wouldn´t shot more fish if were to us but a friend was camping and asked me for a fish to do in the bbq so I can catch a couple more.

And Fernando arrives. We meet us in the water. We talk about the day and go closer to the shore. Now is only look for another good fish and take a couple spider crabs for the dinner.

I start looking into holes but nothing at all. In the sand the same, no fish.


At the end I take the spiders and go out. On the way is a “carpet” of broken kelp and sometimes I found flat fish there. And a small one appeared. It´s not big but makes a good meal.

So the day is finished. My friend was waiting for me outside.


The day was not bad and help me to be in a better shape for the season that is starting. And I could try the computer. I will upload the review in a few days.

And the best is that our friends are there, with a cold beer. Could be better? Talk some time and then go back home. I hope the weather remain OK and next weekend we can go again.

Here is the video:

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