TTN Pure Strait Carbon Fins

TTN Pure Strait carbon fins review. Probably one of the best carbon fins you can find nowadays.



Today we are going to see a review and our opinion about these carbon fins from TTN. TTN is a Spanish brand specialized in carbon fins, more popular every day due to the very high quality on their products and very competitive price. There is no doubt to us that they are one of the best we have ever tried, as we are going to see and explain why.

The model is the TTN Pure Strait, designed to offer a great performance on surface and low/medium depths (up to 20m we would say). We recommend them for all these spearos who use to swim long distances on surface, and diving from 0m to 20m, looking for a very comfortable fins which allow us to swim for many hours without getting tired and fighting currents. We are going to see some technical details.

With the TTN fins we can order them to our likes and adapting them to what we really need. So we can choose the length and width and the angle too (28 or 32 degrees). We chose an 80cm length, 20cm wide and 28 degrees angle. We were looking for an all round fins, good for everything, from fighting currents, doing ambush up to 20m and swimming long distances.

There is a high number of different camos and we can choose an specific own, to met our wetsuit or any other we like.

We have an standard finish in our fins which it is not completely glass on the top side, as you can see it in the picture. There is another option, with the 3D, which it is awesome. It doesn´t offer any other improvement but aesthetic. Here is where the TTN logo goes.

The other side is where the camo goes (note that it only goes in one side). It has a glass finish. The water rails are reduced to the end part so they work perfect and allow better lateral movements. The shape on these fins is round, it makes them work very good and to not drift, improving our swimming.

We can choose the footpocket that we want, or the shape to fit on the ones that we already have. Labrax footpockets are very good, similar to Pathos. Pathos is another very good option. Omer short, Mares… We do not recommend Cressi or similar ones with hard horns as they won´t allow the fins to work properly (that is a personal opinion based on our experience)

The architecture is different to most of the blades we can find on the market. It is very progressive with a really soft tip and increasing the stiffness as we go back to the footpocket. That offer us a very easy swimming with almost no effort, using only this first part of the fin. And keeping a great reserve of power if we need it.

We do not consider these fins the best ones for deep diving. If we are planning to go deep will be better the Classic model or the new Valhalla, much better for that.

In the water, after more than one year using them, the feeling was great. Our first day we were surprised because of the comfortable they were. After the whole winter and in a bad shape we went diving and we find ourselves fighting strong currents quite easy and diving up to 18m with 12kg of lead. And perfect, no problem at all and very comfortable. They seem that do not push you due to the low effort that we need to move them. But when we have the bottom as a reference we could appreciate how fast we were moving.

Along the season we tested them in many different situations: kelp forest, ambush, deeper diving, strong waves… And having more models they are our favourite and the ones we always use.

Another advantage is their price, very competitive. If we compare them with other models on a similar price the TTN are our favourites and far away from most of other models. And when we compare them with models much more expensive we reach a similar opinion. Of course there are some models very good too, but many of them, double price, we don´t like them as much.

Another advantage is that we can adapt them to our personal style. Colours, stiffness, width, length, angle… and we can put our name on them too.

Our final conclusion is that the TTN Pure Strait are more than recommended, and for us, our favourites at the moment. Many of our spearfishing buddies, after trying them, they chose them too and are using the same model. And all of them have a similar opinion, like ours, one of the best choices we can do now.

If someone is interested on them he can have a look on or you can contact with us in or on our forum.