Spearfishing Starting 2016


Spearfishing Starting 2016

After a long and hard winter the season is comming again.

Here in Ireland the water temperature drops till 6-8 degrees. And viz use to be very bad. So in winter there are not too many days to go diving. Even the fish disappears so the sea become like a dessert where only seafood can be seen.

But he spring is here and the days are getting bigger. The storms leave us and we can find good weather to go spearfishing. And last week was like that. So the I went to my first day in the season.

Scallop in the sand

I went two days. First one looking for scallops and crabs in protected areas. The viz was good and I found a good spot. Were plenty of scallops in shallow waters. I took enough for me and my girlfriend and to make an “empanada” Will upload the recipe soon. The one from the scallops is uploaded in this link.

I found a good picture with a seal resting over a rock. She didn´t see me so I could be close. When she realized that I was there jumped into the water and disappeared. Would be great saw the seal in the water, but was scared and went away.


I found a sea star eating a scallop. And was a big one! It´s funny when the scallops scape from the sea stars swimming. But this one was not able to do that.


I finish my first day there. Good viz and cold. But was good.

The good weather stayed here in the west coast so I tried again. This time looking for fish. I went to a different place more exposed. Close to the shore I could find depths from 18 to 23m more or less. And I hoped find some fish there.

There was cold and viz was not good but getting better when you dive deeper. That was important because if not would be much more complicated find the rocks because of the current. The place has sand and rocks. I found big rocks in the middle of the sand and around them the pollocks. Big ones protected from the current and predators. In this picture you can see how this Pollock scaped from a predator. Maybe a shark or a seal.

Pollock scaped from predator

Temperature was around 10-11 degrees and the depth around 20m so I couldn´t stay for more than 2,5 hours. I found a lot of big wrasse (1,5-1,7kg) and groups of pollocks. The biggest ones 2,5-3kg that was I shot. In different rocks protected from the current. Smaller ones over the rock swimming.

The fish was not easy. Didn´t come doing waits and calling them. So I needed to go to them. They didn´t let me do it easily but with a long shot I could catch them. I shot a couple and them looked for a big one but nothing bigger appeared and 2 was enough for me.

Pollocks with mask

I started getting cold at this depth so I came back. On the way I looked for spider crabs. Was plenty of them. I chose the best ones for 2 dinners and finished the day. A good day.

The fish was long but skinny. The winter was hard for them. But in a few weeks will be stronger.

After cleaned the fish I´m just thinking in the next day. And the weather forecast seems good so probably next week will enjoy again.

Pollocks and spider crabs

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