Seafood Cooking times


Seafood cooking time

It´s very usual doubt. We want a perfect cooked seafood, not undercooked or overcooked. Some years ago I went with my grandfather to buy seafood, and a man said this rule, and it´s perfect. It´s the rule of the 7.

Lobster cooking time

It consist in time, finished in 7, for seafood. Velvet crab need 7 minutes. Spider crab need 17 minutes. And lobster 27 minutes of cooking.


It´s important. Cooking time is always since we put the seafood inside the water and it start boiling another time. After this boiling is when we count the time.

Alive seafood is better to put in cold water and then wait to star boiling. But we think that it´s cruel, so we prefer to put in boiling water directly. It could made that seafood lose his legs, but we prefer it.

The water would be with salt. About 60 or 70gr/litre.


Shrimp (Caridea) (small ones, wich live near velvet crab or conger)/barnacle (Pollicipes cornucopia): Only a few seconds. Put in water and wait for boiling. Then 20 or 30 seconds.

Dublin bay prawn (Nephrops norvegicus): between 2-3 minutes. (small/big)

Velvet craw (Necora puber): 6-7 minutes (medium/big)

Spider crab (Maja squinado): 15-17 minutos (medium/big)

Lobster: Small 22 minutes. Medium 25 minutes. Big 27-28 minutes.


We can see that size is very important. Few time for small ones. If we don´t cook wide enough the seafood will be jellied.