First Day on 2015



And here is a new season. Long time waiting, but the weather was not good to go (I´m a bit lacy, as a good Spanish, I don´t like cold wind and rain/ice) So I wait for a day like this. Sunny, no wind and good temperature.


I take my inflatable kayak and go to Corrib. The lake is like a mirror. I inflate the kayak and start fishing. First I try in shallow waters, close to the shore. But nothing, no baits.

No perchs where I saw it the last year. The water is very cold, a bit dirty and high levels. I never saw it like this before. So I go to try in deeper waters where I know there are algae, looking for pikes.


10 minutes rowing and here it is. The day is spectacular, really nice. I enjoy very much fishing like this. I´m using a Cinnetic Shallow pike rod, with a Crafty CRB4, perfect for that. It´s easy to use in the kayak and you can cast small minnows or bigger spoons. And over all, the power that it offered with big fish.

I start with a big pike spoon. Silver, with a 16g head and red back. I pass it close to the bottom, slowly, between the algae, but nothing. I change and try with different minnows and nothing again. It´s not working.

One hour and a half later no bait so it´s sandwich time. I´m really hungry, I enjoy it while I´m thinking what can I do.


I change to other place to come back to the start point fishing shallow waters. To do that I´m using a spinner. After a hour and no results, I change it and knot a spoon. An Abu Garcia Toby 16g in silver colour. It has a good cast and allows working in all deeps. A few casts later I have a bite. A good fish, but is gone. I can swear that it was a trout.


After half an hour the spoon is working, slow, aprox 3-4m meters from the surface, and then a nice fish. I hook it, strong, and start fighting, jumping out of the water. She pass more time out that inside trying to spit the spoon. But it´s here, near the kayak. I net it and take some pictures. And now is in the water another time. I release it and I can see how is swimming, slowly, going down. It was not too big, but OK. Changed the day into a good one.

I go to the car, the day is changing, the wind is rising up and colder. I keep the kayak and rods.

But I´m happy. In Spain I didn´t use spoons (only spinners) and I see that it works. I´m excited thinking in coming back as soon as possible.

And here the best finish, a cold and refreshing pint!

pinta-pint-loug Corrib

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