Was a long time but it´s here. The 2016 angling season has started.

It started some weeks before but the wind, rain and cold made too hard to go fishing. So we were waiting till now.

The rivers are too high so we went to the lake with the kayaks. My girlfriend came too to try to record something.

The day iscold
The day is cold

We arrive to the lake, inflate the kayaks and set up all the equipment. The day is cold, around 2 degrees. It was much better at home, around 10 degrees more. The weather forecast is not too bad, but I start thinking that will be wrong.

Gumotex halibut kayakWe are ready and go to the water. The lake is like a glass. No wind. But a big cloud is coming. I start fishing and go into a small gulf. My girlfriend is not here and I have the first bite.

A small pike attacked the minnow. First time I thought it was bigger than it is. Around 3kg. After a short fight goes into the net. He is skinny and not strong.


When I´m going to release it I find a spinner in his mouth. Two hooks are broken and the other one is still in his flesh. Probably he has broken the other two fighting for release it. The line was thin, a 24 or 26. I take the spinner and release the pike. No damage on him and he goes slowly to the bottom.

Place were the spinner was
Place were the spinner was

As I thought the cloud is coming. It is black, very black. And start hailing. It´s big so we preotect us as we can. At least we are not getting wet.


We wait some time but the intensity is increasing so we decided come back to the car. The day is not good. Too cold and there is no reason to have a bad time.

Ice over the kayak. In some spots the ice was floating in the water
Ice over the kayak. In some spots the ice was floating in the water

We deflate the kayaks and put everything in the car. The day is over

We only need to wait a few days and the weather is good. No wind and much warmer. It´s perfect to try again.

The temperature is around 14 degrees and sunny. I guess that can be good for fly fishing. And I want to try my new rod, an Airflo Super Stik 9.6´line 6 so it will be the perfect day.

My new rod
My new rod

The first hour is not good, no movement. But after that the day become warmer and the buzzers start flying. And trouts start feeding too. Some of them very close to the kayak.

I was using a buzzer and a Spanish wet fly but nothing at all. Some of them are feeding close to mines but no bite. Just when I was thinking to use a dry fly I feel the bit close to the kayak.

At the first moment I feel that it´s big, a good fish. The water is a bit dark but I can see the golden shines. She is a good brownie. But doesn´t fight for too long. Just after half a minute she goes into the net. I didn´t need to release line. It was a short fight.


Is a good fish around 2 or 2.5kg. The pictures are not good and seems to be smaller. As I use to do I was going to release it so I didn´t want to hurt the fish. That’s why when I was trying to take a better picture she jumped into the water and disappeared. Doesn´t matter, the pictures were taken and the fish had no damage.

The wind starts blowing and the day got colder. All the activity stopped so was the perfect moment to end the day. And it was a good day. To try the new rod and got one good trout.

The 2016 season has started.

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