Review Rocualex 907



Today we are going to present a new gun in this section.  It is the ROCUALEX 907, a new model in ROCUALEX wooden guns, which started with a lightweight gun, the model 903. We will bring you this review soon.

After some days testing it we can offer now this review.

It is a wooden speargun. It has a great mass. So first thing we are surprised is about hi weight. It is heave outside the water so we can use powerful rubbers and heavy shafts. We have it in 3 different lengths. 105 (122cm total length), 110 (126 total length) and 120 (136 total length)

We can choose 2 different anatomic handles. Handmade as the whole speargun is.

These guns are completely handmade.

The handle has a very good grip. The shape let us move it easy and be really comfortable. I have a big hand (long) and the handle seemed a bit small first time I tried. But with gloves and in the water was OK. So people with small or medium size hands won´t have any trouble.

In one side we can see how the line moves close to the barrel. It does not disturb or give troubles. And it doesn´t get tangled in the kelp. Small details like this give us an idea about the quality of the gun.

The trigger is retarded, in Stainless Steel, like all the mechanism.

We set up a reel MVD Soft Touch Vertical. Has a very good price and great quality. And most important the gun is perfectly balanced.

The barrel has this special shape. We can see it wide in the upper part but offered impressive lateral movements. Easy and fast movements. We didn´t expect a gun with such weight could be as easy to move. In vertical movements of course is a bit slower because of the shape, but very good too.

It has a guide for the shaft in the barrel. It´s deep but not an enclosed track. I don´t like enclosed track as makes the gun slower to load and we must use specific shafts. So in my opinion is very good like this. It can fit a 7mm and even more diameter (we used 7mm shafts but we could use 7.5 or 8mm)

The gun has 2 compartments to add weight to the gun. We can out small leads and have the best balanced. So depending the rubbers, shaft, reel… we can always add or remove weight and have it perfect.

The muzzle is very good finished. It guides the rubbers perfectly so are completely parallel to the shaft. And the muzzle do not damage the rubbers. This is an important detail as some brands have this problem. We can see all of these in the pictures.

 Our set up is with 2 Acid Green bands in 16mm. And 7mm shark fin shaft.

It has a small metallic piece which allows us to load the gun and fit the nylon. Easy and fast. It is very good designed, probably one of the best we tried.

Now we can go to see how it worked in the water.

Our first impression about a heavy gun disappeared once we went in the water. The balance is perfect so it is completely neutral in our hands.

Lateral movements were easy. They were much easier than we expected. And the vertical movements were great too. Of course we are talking about a gun designed for ambush and waits. It is specially appreciated in places with strong currents or if we need to rectify our position.

We had a couple of days with much more current than we expected. So we could check it.

We liked it very much.

And shooting it went as expected. The mass helped us to absorb the recoil so the accuracy was improved. And it was plenty of power. We shot some fish at the end of the double loop of line without problems. And the shot was not parabolic at all. We could use 3 loops.

Instead of being a heavy gun it surprised us about it movements in the water. The shot we supposed that was going to be like it was. But we didn´t expect a gun as easy to move and as comfortable as it was. Well finished and with a lot of details which makes this gun a very good value. Much cheaper than other wooden models but same quality (and even more than more famous brands) We are very surprised with it.

So if you are looking for a wooden gun you should have it in your mind.

If you have any question we will be happy to answer you.

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