Aluminium roller speargun



We tested this speargun and are going to offer our opinion about it. We could help people who is interested in a new roller and don´t spend too much money. Or if you are considering to improve your speargun using a roller kit.

We used a MVD Kit to do that.


First of all here is the technical details.

The barrel is a Salvimar Pro. High quality barrel. Don´t bend with powerful bands so will work perfectly.

Handle is a Salvimar too. It´s a handle we could test for a long time in competition and in a very intensive use. And the trigger is reliable and smooth.


We used Salvimar Acid Green rubbers. 16mm at the best percentage. Very elastic bands, easy loading and fast shot. Very progressive rubbers. We can see it in the video.

The shaft is a 6.5mm with the length adapted to the speargun´s size. We could use a heavier shaft if we looked for more inertia for very big fish. But this roller is designed to be fast, light and easy to use. So we can use it in rough seas, currents or in the kelp. It´s a versatile gun perfect for all we are looking for a speargun for everything. Ambush, waits…



Technical details are very good but the most important is how it works in the water. Is there when we check if the speargun is suitable for us or if we like it.

First impression in the water is that it is lightweight and easy moving. Fast even being a roller. As we know rollers are slower than normal guns. Pretty similar to a normal one. The compact and lightweight muzzle helps.

The worst is loading it. As all rollers. It´s slower, takes more time. The speargun has two anchorage points for the bands. The second one, close to the handle to offer the maximum power but don´t disturb with the reel.


We used it most of the time in the first shark fin. What would be medium power. Didn´t need more than that. Tried it sometimes at maximum power but would be only for very big fish and long shots. Most spearfishing situations are enough medium power.

We have a very fast shot with this set up. Really smooth. We don´t feel recoil. 2-3m shots the fish (2-3kg) remains in the line completely trespassed by the shaft (shark fin shaft) That improve the accuracy. We can see it in the video.



This is a roller speargun so it will have pros and cons only for that. Rollers use to be heavy, slow movements… This one don´t have this cons. This one is lightweight, powerful, easy movements and accuracy. This set up worked really good. Is the one we chose after testing different ones. Makes a versatile speargun which will be good for ambush, waits, spearfishing with rough seas or currents…

Very good when we need a short speargun but powerful. Like when we are in dirty waters and we can find big fish.


This is a speargun made with high quality parts and a studied set up which will work really fine. The price is not much more than a normal speargun (even less than some models) so it´s a great option to all who are thinking in a speargun but don´t want to spend too much.

The worst in our opinion is the slow loading (like all rollers) 

Here you can see a short video using this speargun:

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