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We have a new review today. This time is the Epsealon Striker, a speargun we have been using this season. As usual we tried to use it in every situation we could, being as hard as we could so we can have an idea about how it works and how it will be along the time.

We will start having a look on its characteristics and the set up.

The Epsealon Striker has a 28mm barrel, guided. It has a 6.25mm Sandvik. It is very good quality shaft and it is not thinner at the barb. All the shaft is 6,25mm, so will be stronger than other models. In our opinion it is a great choice for this gun. It is available in 3 different colours: black, blue and red.

It has one circular 18mm rubber. Its inside diameter is big. We were a bit afraid about how this rubber would work, but as we will explain later, we were very surprised. They work quite well with this shaft. The wishbone is flat, articulated. It is a very good quality wishbone too. We would like it a bit shorter (it is standard length).

Probably the handle is what surprised us most. It is the new Epsealon model. An ambidextrous handle with a superb quality reverse trigger mechanism. All in Stainless Steel as we can see at the image. It shows good quality and we could see that it is. We will see it later when we talk about our impression in the water.

The load support is very comfortable. It is long and do not disrupt our vision while we are pointing. Leave it completely free. And the nail to hold the line is great too. In Stainless Steel it goes with a screw. It works smooth and it is very easy to change the side as it is just unscrew it and screw it again, will take us a few seconds.

No doubt the handle was what we liked most on this gun. These new epsealon handles we consider that they are one of the best in the market right now.

A reel is included in the price. Plastic but good quality. It works perfect for a normal use. It comes without line.

We liked the muzzle too. It is an open muzzle, designed for circular rubbers. It has 2 holes to use double rubber if we want, but the standard set up is one 18mm rubber as we said before. It has a stainless steel bridge that we can remove if we want. Will be very easy, just remove the pin and we can do it. We used the gun with it. It allows to use the gun as an open muzzle but not using the line to hold the shaft so the loading operation is faster. In rough waters makes it much easier or for the spearos who are starting and doesn´t want to deal with the line. But if you want to remove it or hold the shaft, this muzzle has 2 plastic “horns” that will make the operation easy and fast. Some models in the market have them tiny or hard to do, but this ones is easy.


Once we have seen the technical details of this Epsealon Striker we are going to see how it worked in the water. We used it mostly in rough waters with strong waves, ambush at some depth looking for bigger fish and longer shots and in the kelp.

It is a 28mm round and guided barrel, so lateral and vertical movements were fast and easy. Its handle helps a lot as it is comfortable and allow to grab it hard. It is not too tiny or too big so will fit most of the hand sizes.

The muzzle it is very compact so will help in all kind of movements (vertical, lateral…) and makes the gun very light with currents or waves.

As we said before we were really surprised with the trigger mechanism. Inserting the shaft feels very smooth. Some other models in the market you need to push or pull the trigger. This one works great. And shooting is even better. Very smooth. We loaded it with double rubber to test it under a lot of tension but no problem at all. Some mechanism when you put too much power on them they got hard or blocked. This one didn´t change, it was the same as with one rubber.

Doing ambush it shows as a good gun. The rubber bands are fast and they give the shaft a high speed. I was surprised as I thought that maybe I would need to change the rubbers (I like to use the best rubber bands always) but I didn´t, they worked great. In 3-3.5m shots the shaft trespassed big fish with no problem. And the best of all is that it offered a low recoil, increasing the accuracy. Another good point is that this rubber bands are easy to load, something that many people will appreciate. You can see the loading in this video we uploaded explaining how to load a speargun:

As we can see it is a speargun that we highly recommend. Who is looking for an allround gun, a speargun “good for everything” and which will work fine with almost all the tehcniques and fish that we can find in Ireland, UK, Spain, France… We would define it as a lightweight, fas, accurate and comfortable gun. For all the ones who love smooth shots it will work great with a double 14mm bands. And the price is very good, with reel included, Sandvik shaft and nice rubber bands. No doubt we recommend it. Of course you can find it in at the best price.

You can see how it works in this video:


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