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Review and opinion about the Epsealon fusion wetsuit



Today we are going to see a wetsuit I have been using the whole season. It took us some time to finish it as I couldn´t go spearfishing as often as I wanted. And was important to check how it was working after some months using it.

It is the new 2017 model from Epsealon. It came to substitute the Labrax and Scorpion, both of them great wetsuits. But this time with a different lined outside. It is different in colours and elasticity.

There is no doubt to us that it is one of the best wetsuits we ever tried (external lined and open cell inside) if not the best one. Flexible, warm, comfortable…

This wetsuits is made from Yamamoto 039 neoprene. This neoprene and the lined outside (very elastic) is a great mix for all who is looking for a warm and comfortable wetsuit for cold waters. Or use a thinner and more comfortable wetsuit in warm waters. I can tell that to me is even more comfortable and warm than some smooth skin wetsuits (with other neoprene designed to hold better the compression but colder and less elastic that are now most ones in the market)

It is not only my opinion. Most of the people I know who have this wetsuits have a similar opinion.


As I said it is neoprene Yamamoto 039. It is a low density neoprene. It is really warm and elastic, perfect for cold waters and spearfishing up to medium depths. If we are looking for something for deep spearfishing (more than 20-25m most of our dives) probable a medium density neoprene would be better as the Yamamoto 039 change more the buoyancy and get compressed more with the pressure.

Till now I was using a 9mm smooth skin jacket (low density neoprene too) for winter spearfishing or when the water is cold in summer and I am going a bit deep (in winter we are around 8 degrees) But with this wetsuit I feel as warm as with the thicker jacket and more comfortable. But we will see it later when we talk about how I felt it in the water.

This wetsuit is available in two colours: Red Fusion and Green Fusion. As I explained in previous articles I do not trust in camo (you can see the article here) and I consider it mostly a fashion thing that works more for the spearo than the fish. But we can find the red camo better for Atlantic waters to mix with the kelp and the Green for Mediterranean and spots with green algae.

It has very good finish. We can see inside that it has some reinforcements in the weakest points to avoid leaks or braking.

We can see how the wrist, ankles or hood are

It has a special neoprene in wrists, hood and ankles to offer the best comfort and avoid leaks.

The chest has a reinforcement to help us loading the gun, protect our chest and avoid that the gun could slip while we are loading it.

It has a double tail. It helps to distribute the tension so is more comfortable than tails with just one point and thinner. And it close better so will be harder to have leaks to our back.

The knees are reinforced. Not the elbows.


More important than specifications is what we feel using it. My first dive was with water at 14 degrees and of course no prob at all. The wetsuit fits me perfect and really warm. I use it in shallow waters and deeper up to 23-25m, no problem at all.

As the winter was coming and the water temperature decreasing I could test it better. At 12 degrees I could stay for more than 4 hours with some  “deep diving” without cold. At 9-10 degrees was great too. Alternating deeper dives with shallow waters no prob at all to stay for more than 3 hours, but was mostly at depths of 10-12m

The difference with other wetsuits was huge. With some models (most of the lined wetsuits) at 12 degrees and slow rhythm at medium depth I froze. With this one I was feeling great, not cold.

About buoyancy I am used to thick jackets (8-9mm) so was not different. In fact I could remove some kg from my belt.

One of the best things about this wetsuit is how elastic it is. We can breathe easier and with less effort what gives you a bit better apnea compared to other wetsuits.

As you can see I am really happy with this wetsuit. And this is not only me, all the people who has it has a similar opinion. I don´t know about any bad opinion about it. The Epsealon Fusion is now my main wetsuit, leaving the smooth skin as the second one. As I said it is in my opinion the best lined wetsuit I ever had and better than most of the smooth skin wetsuits I tried (and was many of them)

Do you have any opinion or comment about this wetsuit? Please share it with us.

If you are interested in this wetsuit you can find it in our shop always the best prices and service.

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