First day in 2018 spearfishing season



Finally I waited till now, mid of May, to start this season. I went a couple times before but just to test some equipment, not to properly spearfishing. But today I could.

And I could test the new Epsealon Striker (speargun) I bought, and use more the TTN Pure Strait fins. We will upload a review of them soon.

The weather forecast was good. It was a few days with good weather and today no wind and no swell. Should be perfect.

As soon as I arrived I could see the dark spots with rocks and the sand. The problem could be the tide. I chose low tide as today is a big tide (0.4m low tide and 6m high tide) and this spot use to be strong currents. Today will be even more. That is why I chose the low tide, a couple hours before so the current will be less when the tide is changing.

As soon as I got into the water the bad news arrived. It was plenty of jellyfish and with this “mucus” in the water. It was very green at some places. The camera cheats as shows it much better than it was (I found a nice set up).

Big Jellyfish with the gun to see how big it was.

I started in a spot I know with some big rocks underwater. It is a place from 18m to 23m usually but today with low tide it was from 15m to 18m, much better. And I am coming from the winter and in a bad shape.

There is no life around. And the current here is strong. I can feel it in my face and I could see the mucus passing fast by my side. But finally in one dive I can see a Pollock around 1.8kg, it is perfect to try the gun. The first shot just behind the gill and a fish coming home.

We can see the strong current in the video. I am surprised as I feel very comfortable with the current. The fins are working really good.

I decided to change to a different place as I there is no life around. I use the current to move easy while I am doing dives and exploring new places. I find some that should be good in the future.

After 2 hours and the water in 9-10 degrees I decided to go to shallow waters. I am using a 7mm jacket and 5mm pants and at this temperature is hard to do “deep” fishing. But I am really surprised with the wetsuit (you can see the review here). I love it. Usually at this temperature I was using 8-9mm jackets and now with the 7mm I am good.

I found a place with big rocks at the bottom and I can see movement around. And here is much better viz and less jellyfish. Well less small jellyfish but some huge ones (I was close to hit it with my face). I was doing some ambush and finally a nice Pollock appears. He is going around so I don´t move and I call him with some noises. If I go to him he will probably run but doing like this he offers me a nice shot. It is another shot to the head and the second Pollock. It was around 3.2kg. I am surprised with the gun, seems like I was using it for a long time and it was my first day with it.

I come back close to the cliff as there the current is not as strong. And while I am coming back I look for a couple spider crabs. There are many of them but mostly small ones. But I can find the 2 that I was looking for (one for me and another one for my girlfriend).

Checking if the spider crab is good


I was almost 4 hours and I feel really good. A great day to start the season.


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