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This is a question and a problem that many of our friends or customers in www.subandcast.com ask for and it is really easy to do it properly. But there are many mistakes doing it when you don´t know how to it properly. Is when people say that the rubber bands are too hard or they can´t load them.

Probably the first mistake is how people grab the rubbers/wishbone. We must take them with our little fingers to the inside, our palms up, as we can see in the image.

If we do it this way we are not forcing the wishbone and the loading is much easier and smoother.

It is usual do it the wrong way, like we can see at the image.

Doing it like this is much harder, we are using only our biceps and forearms. We are forcing the wishbone and rubber bands too, so they can broke or being damage. Another problem is that doing it this way the wishbone is harder to be fit properly on the notch so can release itself hurting us. We must avoid loading it like this.

The second mistake use to be where to place the gun to load it. The wetsuits help doing this mistake as they have a pad at the chest, so we could think that it is the right place to put the gun. But it is not. This is for the “second” loading.

We will load the gun in 2 movements. The first one is loading the gun in the first notch (the one that is closer to the muzzle). We will place the gun over our abs, where the belt is. Once it is there we bend over the gun, like if we lay over it, so we can reach the rubber bands easy even in long guns. Once we have them, we do a movement using different muscles. We will pull with our arms (biceps) using our back too and like pushing with our body. It will make it much easier.

If we don´t bend over the gun we couldn´t reach the rubber bands. The same if we place it in our chest, as we can see at the image.

Once we loaded it in the first notch, then we place it in our chest and load it to the second. Much easier.

As we see, the trick is place the gun in the right position (belt/abs), bend over the gun and do not use only the arms. It is technique and not strength.

In this video you can see the whole process:


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