Mask Salvimar Noah



Today we are going to talk about this new model in Salvimar. As always we used it some time and now we can offer our conclusions.


This is a low volume mask. Each day the offer in these models is growing in the market as they can offer low volume and good visibility.  And today the Salvimar Noah gave us a very good feeling.

First of all we are going to talk about the characteristics. The Salvimar Noah has the lenses integrated in the frame. Even we can talk as a “no frame” mask. Not exactly a no frame but pretty similar. The bridge between the lenses is rigid, but not too much. You can bend it a little. Has some elasticity.


The whole mask is silicone. We can see how the nose is integrated in the mask.

The silicone is soft, very confortable adapting perfectly to the face. We can see a small mark in each sides of the nose that allow the silicone take our shape and avoid leaks. As we now this spot is one which uses to have leaks. In this model they did it very good.


The silicone has a good feeling. The whole mask is silicone. Only this green border is plastic. There are two models available, with that in green or in black.

It has fast fitting in the strap. Very easy to use even with gloves. The strap has a high quality. Allow a very good fitting. The “X” in the back give improve it.



We are talking now about the feelings in the water. First impression is that we have a small mask in our hands. I had a perfect fitting with it. A strong suction and no leaks. But you know that each face is different so you must try the mask to check if it fits Ok for you.

I always had a lot of problems with mask. Hard to find a good one for me. But this one was Ok.

The field of vision is very good. Higher than other low volume models and even higher than bigger mask that we tried. One of the best in low volume masks. It´s good in deep spearfishing or freediving. There is no doubt that it´s a good mask for deep spearfishing, ambush, in the waves and foam… We can use it as an all-purpose. Good for everything.


In some situations we had a few leaks in the sides. I have a long face so the sides must be long too. This ones are a bit short in my opinion. If they had made it a bit longer in that point would be perfect for us.

But this leaks were not very important and we can spent long journeys without problem.

We recommend this mask for round faces. But as we said the best option is try the mask and check how is it for us.

Our conclusion is that we have a great low volume mask. It has soft silicone but not too much so remains rigid and don´t allow leaks as happens with too soft silicones. The vision field is very good so we can do all spearfishing techniques. High quality finish and it´s a modern mask. Fancy ones.


No doubt that is a mask that we can recommend.

You can find it in SubandCast as always the best advice and price.

Did you try this mask? Which is your opinion? Tell us what do you think about this mask here or in the forum and we will be glad to add it to the review.