Epsealon Seawolf Mask



Today we have a new mask, the Epsealon Seawolf. We tested it this summer and today we can offer our impressions.

The Epsealon Seawolf is a low volume mask. Allow us to equalize the mask just a few times, being allowed to use less air and do it less frequently. In fact we need to equalize it less than a half times than in our previous mask (higher volume) It is not very important for me but some spearos (deep diving and freediving) will appreciate it.

We would say that it is a frameless mask. Inside we can feel a small frame or something more rigid, but the glasses are in the silicon and they have a special feature why we consider it frameless. This mask is flexible. It can be bended, so it gets adapted very good to our face. And won´t hurt us in prolonged use. They are really confortable.

The field of vision, in spite of being small and low volume mask, is really good. It is not like other small volume mask we used before which we didn´t feel comfortable and we had bad lateral vision. Of course we must understand that they are small mask and low volume.

The strap is comfortable and good quality. It Hold the mask perfectly. And it is very easy to adjust, even using thick gloves.

The silicone is good quality too. Soft and we didn´t have any leaks. Inside it offer the usuall shapes to avoid leaks.

After this summer using it we can say that is very comfortable. Good vision and good price too. We sold many of them and our customers and friends have the same opinions. It is a mask that fit in a lot of different faces because it can be bent. Of course each face is different and there is no mask that is OK to all of us.

This mask has a finish that prevent the fog inside. But we recommend burn them as we explain in this article.

So we can recommend this mask. Nice price, fit to a lot of different people and is a great option to all the spearos who are looking for a low volume mask. It comes in a hard plastic case.



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