Xtar D26 flashlight

Xtar D26 1100Lm


Today we are going to see this flashlight. It´s one of the best that we can find in the market. The model before that one was a “top seller” and much of us know about it. But now has arrived this new version. It´s a very powerful flashlight and high quality: 1100lm and 24025cd so we can imagine how powerful is.

The size is very handy. Small and easy to use
The size is very handy. Small and easy to use

It´s specifications are:

  • 1100lm
  • 310m distance.
  • 48h autonomy.
  • Shock resistant 1.5m
  • 100m water resistant.
  • 24025cd

We can find 2 versions. One is only the flashlight. And a second one is a complete box including: high capacity battery, charger, car charger and an adapter to use “normal” batteries. We recommend the second one. Battery is very high quality.

Kit: Flashlight, chargers, battery, O-rings...
Kit: Flashlight, chargers, battery, O-rings…

Our feeling outside water is good, very good. It´s quality is great in all the components. Switch is smooth and easy to use. We can see that is not other china flashlight. This brand is one of the best about quality and reliability.


First thing that we feel different is the switch. It´s not a sliding switch. This one works pushing it down. One touch and the flashlight switched in 600Lm. Second one and changes into 1100Lm. Other one and is 200Lm, and a new one and changes into a 60Lm. And start again. It has a led over the switch that is green when the flashlight is working.


First time could be a bit strange. But after a few use was very easy to us. If not better just the same that the other ones.

If we turn left it the switch is blocked.


But he most important is not what we see outside. This is a diving flashlight so we are going to try it there.

We wanted to try it very good. So we need time to find different conditions. And that was the reason because we don´t upload it before.

In a “normal spearfishing” with clear waters and when we are looking into big holes, the torch works perfectly. Usually using it at 75%, 50% and even 25% was power enough for all the situations. We didn´t need to use it at 100%.

We tried it in dirty waters. Muddy and no visibility. At that conditions when the water seems that swallow the light it worked great.

Xtar D26 600Lm
Xtar D26 600Lm
Xtar D26 60Lm
Xtar D26 60Lm
Xtar D26 200Lm
Xtar D26 200Lm
Xtar D26 1100Lm
Xtar D26 1100Lm

Other situation is when we try to look into narrow and deep holes. There we need a lot of light to see the corners and deep inside. And was exactly the same. We could see it like day light.

We can see the great endings as: ultra clear tempered glass with anti reflective coating (98.5% transmittance vs 89-92 in common glass) or gold platted spring antioxidant and avoid poor contact.

This one is one of our shorter reviews because we can´t see nothing else. The flashlight is great. In our opinion is the best spearfishing flashlight we ever tried. We didn´t find problems or faults (except the price, it´s an expensive flashlight) Switch was our first doubt, but it worked great and easy to use. So we can´t tell much more. It´s just a “must have”

Maybe the only but is that it´s not easy to find it.

It´s not easy to find but www.subandcast.com is offering it and at a very good price