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Today we are going to see one of the best all round spearguns in the market. We wanted to test it properly and offer you our opinion.

We have several sizes, probably the most used ones are 75cm in short size and 82cm or 90cm when we want a bit longer shots. It is a perfect gun for fishing in big waves, for currents, caves… Maybe it is a bit overloaded for caves as it comes. It is a great gun for “normal” shots when we are not thinking just in long shots.

One of the remarkable characteristics is the handle. Anatomic, very comfortable. When we take it in our hand seems that was made for us. But we must be careful, the distance handle-trigger is a bit long so people with small hands could have troubles.

This handle allow us to move the gun fast and easy in lateral movements. In rough seas is great. But, as all anatomic handle are, is not as comfortable when we need to shoot when we are pointing to our sides, when it is not completely straight in our hand.

The piece to hold the line is in the upper part of the handle. Small. Do not disturb in kelp. Some people say that is too tiny so if you are using 2 loops in more than 1.6mm line, could be a bit hard to fit it. I didn´t have any problem.

The trigger mechanism is in stainless steel. Good quality and smooth. It has “retarded” trigger mechanism.

This gun has a rail in the barrel. And it is well finished. This barrel is smooth not like other Pathos guns with a different finish. It can hold powerful bands without trouble.

The muzzle is open. The whole where the bands are is big. And the point to pass the line and hook the shaft is simple and effective. It is a good detail as other models are harder to do.

It was great in conditions of big waves and bad visibility when you need to load fast and almos seeing nothing.

The shaft (spear) is great quality. Sandvick anda bit longer than in other models. Pathos fans knows that Laser use very short spears, this model use a “normal” size. In a 90cm is 130cm long. The point is “tricuspid” We didn´t like that the distance from the tip to the “barb” is a bit short so if we need to sharp it often we will finish it sooner than others.

Rubber bands are great quality. 17.5-18mm very elastic. And the wishbone is flat and short, great one. It goes inside the rubber bands. To use with rubber bands by meter and not with screwed ones. It is easy to load and hooks well in the shaft.

Maybe the rubbers are a bit overloaded. A bit longer ones could work the same and be easier to load. But most of the people will like them.


After all the description here is how we feel it in the water.

We did mostly spearfishing in big waves looking for seabass and white breams, ambush and spearfishing in the kelp. Our shots were not too long in any case. Most of them from 1m to 3m. We used double loop and we catch fish at the end of the shot without problem, so it is powerful enough.

We feel it great in our hand. The handle is really comfortable, like if it was done specific for us. Easy and fast movements. And great to hold the recoil. In bad conditions with big waves and currents was perfect. Because of that we finish the day less tired in our lower part of our arm than with other handles that you need to hold them tighter.

Accuracy was great. First day and we got used to it. Didn´t miss any fish in a normal shot.

CONCLUSSION: This is a great gun. Good quality and affordable price. But for spearos with a medium or large hand. Not for small hands. It is fast, lightweight and easy movement. And the trigger mechanism is good quality.

In our opinion is one of the best options in the market because it comes with high quality components (spear, rubber bands, wishbone…)

You can find it in Subandcast at the best price

Have you tried this gun? What is your opinion


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