Falling down spearfishing


Falling down spearfishing. General technique.

Consists in fall over a fish. It can be in shallow waters or in deep ones. Eg when we are in the surface and we see a fish, and then we start our dive. We fall on the fish slow and shoot.

Is usual this kind of fishing in deep waters. Long dives with clear waters, seeing the bottom and the fish for a long distance, and we oriented in our fall, going there and shooting. Big ballan wrasse, grouper or sea bass are common captures in this kind of fishing. But it could be very effective with breams and other species. In deep points, with blocks and rocks, at the middle of the fall, we usually see pieces to shot.

In this video we can see an action, when after a watch, we do a small fall down and shoot to one ballan wrasse that is below us. No ever is necessary a long dive.

This technique is one of the first that we use when we are beginning. Instinctive, seeing the fish and relatively easy. Most important is to be stealthy, any noise and fall on without hard movements. Sometimes, if it´s well done, fish come to us.

In summer, specially with algae, big sea bass and bream could be captured.  Swimming slowly in canals.

When we are fishing in big deeps and clear waters, long spearguns could be used.  It´s no necessary quickly movements and are a good options in long shots. In this situations and specially with big pieces a reel is recommended. We can open the reel and pick up when we are in the surface. And when we hook our rib in a rock. We don´t loose our speargun in the bottom.

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