Gulas with Scallops recipe



We make this recipe very often in Spain. It´s very easy and tasty.

First of all: What is “gulas”? Gulas is a product made by fish flour, cooked and then compressed, giving this “worm shape” It´s a replacement for the real young eels.


Gulas are very tasty. You can made it only in “ajillo” that is the same that we are going to do, but without scallops. But much better this recipe.

Here in Ireland we have a problem: I never found gulas so I need to take it with me from Spain. If someone knows where we can buy it would be great.

For this recipe we will need:

  • Gulas
  • Scallops
  • Garlic
  • Spicy pepper. Better the whole peppers (cayena or similar) but crushed is OK too.
  • Olive oil


First of all we should clean the scallops. As you know remove everything except the meat and the orange part. And be carefull to clean this orange part Ok (all the black “mud”) Scallops could have toxins and be dangerous. But toxins are not in the meat, so if we clean it won´t be dangerous.

Scallops cleaned

Then we clean the garlics and then cut it in thin layers. The quantity depends on you. If you like the garlic (as us) then use a lot.

garlic in layers

Put a pan with olive oil and heat it up. You can use just a few oil or more, as you like. Oil should be very hot and then put the garlic. We need to brown it. Put the spicy pepper too.

garlic in oil

Brown the garlic and spicy pepper
Brown the garlic and spicy pepper

We cut the scallops into pieces. We like it big. One scallop cut into 4 parts or less. But some people prefer it smaller. If you don´t have too much scallops then cut it in smaller an more parts.

frying scallops

Just a few moments before the garlic is brown put the scallops. They must be dry, and cook it. Not too much time because they get hard and dry. We want the scallops smooth.

When the scallops are done add the gulas. Less than one minute. Just to be warm. We finished.

Gulas with scallops

Serve and enjoy!

As you see, an easy recipe. But really tasty!

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