Review Inflatable kayak for fishing Gumotex Helios II



This inflatable kayak is a 2 person kayak. The one we are using for fishing and trips.


Usually I didn´t trust in inflatable kayak, being better rigid, but sometimes are the only solution. If you are living in a flat or a small house so don´t have space for it. That is my situation, so I needed something compact. This one was perfect.

Opinions about inflatable kayaks are usually bad for angling. Lot of people consider it dangerous or at least non good for that. But we are going to explain why it´s not correct in this model.

fondoThe bottom allow us a better navigation. See how rigid is

First of all the Inflatable Kayak Gumotex Helios II details:

Length: 3.8m

Width: 0.75m

Weight: 17Kg

Max Load: 180Kg (I went with other friends and support our weight, around this 180Kg and seems to support more without problems)

It has 3 independent air chambers.

When it´s packed is very compact, only 0.6×0.4×0.3cm.


One of the main differences with other inflatable kayaks, like the Sevylor (Decathlon and other big stores) is the pressure. The Gumotex is made in a material like the rib balloons.  It´s inflated at 3PSI (0.2Bar), more pressure. And that give us a more rigid inflatable kayak. In the water we can feel it very strong. Very resistant and supports perfectly touches over rocks, sticks or all that we can find fishing. And in case of a puncture has a very easy repair.


Other advantage over models that uses thin chambers and an external reinforce is to dry it. The other ones are always wet, and if you were sailing in salt water is much worse. Remember that we are going to pack it and we don´t have space to let it dry (like a garden) Gumotex dry fast and easy. In a nice day while we are putting our clothes in the car it could be ready to be packed.

The shape in the water is really efficient. Very fast allow advance without effort. And it´s not tall, so the wind don´t affect to us like other taller models. That is one of the biggest problems using inflatable kayaks. This one is very good on that. We were fishing and sailing with winds over 30km/h.


This model is made for two, but it can be used only by one. And you have a lot of space for rods and other stuff. It´s good when I want to go fishing all day and I put food, clothes, rods and reels, minnows… if you want something smaller, there is an one person model (Gumotex Helios I)

Once it is inflated it has two nets to store stuff over the kayak. Here we found the only “but” The floor it´s hard. We talked before about the pressure and how rigid is, so the floor is rigid too. It´s a good idea putting something soft (like foam) I did that and now it´s perfect.



It´s very easy. Inflate the kayak will only take us a few minutes. When you know how to do, in 5 min you have it done. It´s really easy and fast.


To pack it is the same or even easier. We only need to open the valves and it deflates itself. We roll it (it´s not blend, it´s more like roll) we put a strap and direct to the bag.


It´s important a good rows and lifejacket (here we must use it by law)

Our personal opinion is very good. We didn´t expect a product as good as is. We heard bad opinions about inflatable kayaks but we could discover that not all inflatable kayaks are the same. We made more than 10km navigations in one fishing day. And it was easy (We are not well trained) And sailing in front of wind was good too.


Most of our fishing days were in lakes. At sea only a couple exits in good days. It was a nice experience.

I studied different models and brands and it was my choice. I´m pleased. Very good quality, fast and confortable. Even we made trolling with it. It was fast enough and even too faster if I row hard.

Together the kayak we should by the keel. It´s convenient. They should include it as a pack. It´s 15 euros more. We can buy a complete pack (Kayak, rows, lifejackets and pump)


As we see there are good options in inflatable kayaks for fishing.

You can watch this video:

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