“Galician Empanada” Recipe


“Galician Empanada” Recipe

This one is typical from Galicia (Spain). Consists in two layers of bread filled by onion, pepper and some meat, fish, seafood… In other countries are similar dishes but a bit different. And it´s a good option for camping, picnics… because cold is really tasty, even more than warm. Today we are going to see how to do this one.

This time will be made with Pollock. We can do it with a lot of different ones: Pollock, seabass, cod, hake, sardines, tuna.. Even meat like beef, pork, a mix… Or seafood like scallops, cockles, mussels…


The ingredients will be:

For the Bread:

  • We can do it even with gluten free flour
  • Yeast (dried yeast is ok, we can find it in the supermarkets)
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Water


  • Onion
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Paprika
  • The meat or fish. This time Pollock

Step by step.

First of all we will prepare the dough and give some time to grow.

In a recipient we put the flour. Then the yeast and remove. And after that we put the salt and remove again.


We make a hole in the flour and put some olive oil, water and remove again. Mix it and when it´s done we cover it with a film and leave it to grow.

Now we are going to cook the filling.

First of all we cut the onion. Thin but each one can do it as he like.


While we are cutting it we put a pan with some olive oil, not too much.


Cut the pepper. The amount of pepper and onion will be the appropriate for the size of our “empanada” A big one (a oven´s size tray) I use 3-4 big onions and 2 peppers. But some people prefer it with more filling and others less.


We cook the onion and the pepper. We are not frying it, slow cooking (4-5 over 9) it will need some time. And we remove it frequently.


When it´s almost done add the paprika to give it colour. Remove again and leave it a few time more in low heat.


Now we are going to prepare the Pollock. We will use filets. Each fillet clean and with no spines.


We will make thinner fillets of each one. The fillets must be thin or won´t be tasty. You can see in the picture how they are.


When the filling is almost done (we will know it tasting it) we will start with the bread. How cooked must be is not exactly, each one has his own preferences. Some people prefer the onion very cooked (I like it) and other people less cooked. So try it and choose how do you want it. But think that it will be in the oven more time, while the bread is cooking. One hour or more.


We make a layer to cover the tray. It can be very thin or gross. As you like it. I like it thin. We use a roller pin to do that.


We cover the tray and then put the filling. This layer must be a bit bigger because at the end we will need to close the upper layer with this one. You can see it in the pictures.


When the filling is covering it we will put the Pollock. The thin fillets must cover it.


We make a new layer to put it over all of that. And close the sides to avoid the filling going outside.


With the rest we can do some sticks and decorate the surface. We put the web. The kids use to love this sticks. Make some hols with a fork.


Now we shake an egg and wet the surface with it. So It will take a better colour.


Now only put it into the oven and cook it. We will check and it will be cooked when the breas has the good colour and it´s a bit crunchy.

And it is done. Enjoy it!


If you have any question can do it in comentaries or in the forum. We are opening a thread about it.