Recipe Squids “a la Romana”

Great recipe, easy to do and really tasty



We are going to see a recipe that is easy to do and really tasty. It is easy but if we do not cook it properly could finish in a hard squids and with too much oil.

We will need:

          Squids. Better fresh squids. We can use frozen rings but won´t be as good as fresh ones.



          Olive Oil (healthier and better taste than other oils)


The first step and very important is clean properly the squids. Sometimes they have parts of the tentacles (there is a hard piece inside) attached to the bodies so we must cleand them properly.

We will clean all that is inside the body. The “feather” too, that is like a plastic. We will clean the tentacles removing the piece we talked about.

We will cut the head, removing the eyes. The tentacles will be cooked of course. They are very tasty.

We will cut the squids in rings. The size we want. We like them like in the picture.

When they are cut we will put them over kitchen paper to be dried. We must remove all the water.

We will shake the egg to wet the squids on it later.

In a different bowl we will put flour. We use wheat flour but we can use different ones.

We put the squid rings in the egg. Once they are wet we pass them to the flour.

Must be completely covered in flour but we must not do it all together as they could be stick ones to others or not covered properly. So it is better one by one or in small groups. Once they are ready we put them in a tray.

We put in a pan olive oil. It must be with a high temperature. We look to fry them fast so the cover will be crunchy and the meat tender. If we leave them for too long in low temperature oil the meat will be dry and hard and the covered will take too much oil and be soft.

We will fry them in small groups to not cold the oil and turning the squid rings one by one. We will check that they are properly done. We can use 2 pans at the same time to do it faster.

When they are cooked we will put them in a try with some kitchen paper to remove the oil if it is too much so the squids will be better.

We salted them and we can put some lemon juice and they are ready to eat. Enjoy!





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