Prevent mask fogging


Prevent mask fogging in spearfishing and scuba masks

We are going to see the best way in mi opinion to prevent mask fogging.

The masks get fogging because of a layer of grease that they have from the factory. So we are going to remove it. And we will do it burning this grease. There is other ways like using detergent, tooth paste… but in our experience this one is the most effective.

Once it´s done we just need to do the usual: spit on it before going water or use an anti fog.

We will need a lighter and kitchen paper, Kleenex or similar.

We will apply the flame directly into the glass. Of course the mask must be glass. Not plastic. While we are doing it we will see how the grease is being burned.

Do not leave the flame too much time in contact. Avoid the glass get too hot. And take care with the frames or the silicone. It won´t be damaged if we don´t leave the flame too much time.

Clean it with the paper and repeat as many times you need.

Finally we will see that there is no more grease when we try to burn it. When we repeat the operation leave the glass get cold. Just waiting some time. Don´t let the glass be too hot.

And it´s finished. Our mask is ready to go diving.

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