Gloves Spetton Winter

Detalle del refuerzo en los dedos


Today we are going to talk about these gloves. It is a model we have been using for a long time (many years, when we were in competition) and we consider it is one of the best options in the market. They offer a long durability and they are very warm too.

These gloves are in 3mm with a preformed shape which makes them very comfortable. They are smooth skin outside. That makes them a bit easier to brake (just the external side as in the internal they are lined) but will dry faster if we are using a boat. The small brakes we can make are easy and fast to repair, just with a drop of glue.

The hand is reinforced with Supratex (a special reinforce like the one in knees in some wetsuits) And the most important, this reinforcement does not finish in the finger. It goes around and on the top of them. As most of you will know, these parts, where the nails are, use to be brake easy, the same as the tips of the fingers. Spetton winter gloves will not.

The spearos who like to wear the gloves inside the wetsuit (something that we do not recommend) will be happy as these gloves are long and the smooth sking close perfectly with your wetsuit. So you won´t have leaks of water.

They are great gloves to catch crabs or shells. As won´t brake easy and will protect us more than other models.

A trick with these gloves (and most of them) is have a look on the stitches. If they start opening we must glue them. Neoprene glue or similar will be perfect. Just to avoid loose stitches.

The inside is a special line, very warm. Making easy wear the gloves and keeping our hands warm in cold waters.

If you are looking for a good gloves for winter and crabs at a good price you should try them.

You can find them in as always.

–          Durable, do not brake easy

–          Warm

–          Comfortable

–          Good finished

–          Good price

–          Dry fast

–          We loose some feeling with the trigger



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