Pollock Spearfishing



Today I went to a new place. I was diving there another time, but with very bad weather and low visibility. So this time is the first one in good conditions.

The weather forecast was not very good. Lot of southwest wind so this spot was the only one protected. And low waves. But along the day the wind will be increasing.


So I arrived and have a look. Everything is fine and seems that is good visibility, so no doubts. I prepare myself and go to the water. The day is warm and no rain, so it´s much better to put the wetsuit.

This spot is not deep, 5 to 10m and the max depth is 16m. Then start the sand. It´s incredible how strong is the current.


Now is very important have a good fins. One specific for you, with the wright hardness. Ones that allows finning a lot of hours and don´t be tired. Most of the time we can´t relax before our dive, all the time swimming. It makes our apnea much shorter.

The current is stronger out of the shore. I try here, where I found some shallows. It´s full of small pollocks. And in the middle some ones a bit bigger. But in the middle I see a good one, around 3kg. I prepare myself, point and I don´t know what happens but I mess this shot. Should be a perfect shot in the head and was behind the head. But no problem, I take it and is mine.


I still make waits, looking for bigger ones. But it´s not easy because of the current.

We are in low tide, and the difference between low and high is very big, around 5m and the current give no rest. So I go to the shore.


The kelp is very big. It´s impossible go inside. But I find some cuts where I can go. There are pollock. I see some big tails. But I don´t shot because I don´t want to destroy the shaft. But I can see a lot of fish.

Today I want to discover this place, so I go as far as I can. And a lot of hours. I find a good shallows, holes… Some walls with lot of fish. But not too much big. Just pollocks, small ones. I have enough for dinner, so I won´t shot except if appears one big.

But I see a good spider crab, and direct to the net.

When I´m coming back in hide tide I try in a shallow. I was here when I started the day. And full of life again.


I see one bigger. I breathe ok and start the dive. I hide myself in the kelp and star waiting. Make some “calls” and here is it. Easy, slow but direct to me. I shoot in the head and it´s mine. It´s around 4-5kg. Not bad.

I had a problem with my camera and I only could record one hour. The best part, in the kelp and the big pollock I couldn´t. Next time.


One out of the water, clean the fish and go home. Was a long and really nice day. Close is other good places, better ones, but the weather should be better to go there. Next time.

Here is a short video:

Thanks to Subandcast, your spearfishing shop in Ireland