Inflatable fishing Kayak Gumotex Halibut


Inflatable Kayak Gumotex Halibut

Today we will have this review. We are very surprised about this kayak, Gumotex Halibut, for us the best fishing inflatabale Kayak!

1-Principal is proud to present the new Gumotex Halibut, an inflatable fishing kayak. We tried the Gumotex Helios II before and now we could test this model. Available very soon.

This is one Halibut first units, a kayak designed for fishing. And they did a good job.

Gumotex halibut side

First of all we are going to see it´s specifications. After that we will offer our experience fishing in lakes and sea.

Probably some people don´t know about inflatable kayaks and why we chose Gumotex. It´s because their inflatable pressure. It is higher than other models like Sevylor or other brands. Gumotex is working at 0.2 Bar (3PSI) and that´s why have a very high rigid.


  • Length: 375cm
  • Width: 96cm
  • Number of air chambers: 3+1
  • Dimensions packed in carry bag: 70x46x30 cm
  • Maximum operational pressure: 0.02 MPa / 0.2 Bar / 3PSI
  • Weight: 21Kg
  • Load: 200Kg
  • Draught: 15cm
  • The highest anchor above surface: 55cm

It´s made in high quality materials. It is like rib´s balloons. Very resistant to punctures or cuts. We touched the bottom and trees several times and no problems (even marks)

Gumotex Halibut sailing

And it has independent air chambers so we could sail with one deflated chamber.


Why we chose an inflatable kayak? It´s obvious: because of the space. Rigid kayaks need a place to store them. And transport it in the car could be no easy. Inflatable ones you can pack it and transport in the trunk. And you can store it at home, in a small apartment.

Inflatable Kayak Packed

We don´t want to start the typical discussion about if it´s better a rigid or an inflatable. There is no point to do it. A lot of us couldn´t have a rigid one. Lot of people say that inflatable are not good for sea fishing, because usually are thinking in other models. We used this one and we didn´t have any problem, it worked very good.

Inflatable kayaks have one more advantage when we like to travel and doing expeditions. We can transport it easy in our back. We can walk long distances to access lakes or sea…

But now we are going to talk about the kayak. It´s packed in a bag. We only need to unpacked and put it into the ground. We will see that this kayak has some woods. Two of them, the biggest ones, go to the floor. And the other ones are for the seat and two shelves where we can put a fishfinder, rod support…


Once the kayak is extended over the ground we can inflate it. We should be careful and check that there is no spines or any other thing that could damage the kayak.

Gumotex track fin

First of all we mount the track fin. It´s a small plastic which will help us sailing.


Close to the track fin there is other place for a fishfinder transducer. We see that the kayak was designed for fishing and thinking in all details. We are not going to use it today. But in a few days we will upload a new article about it. How to use and mount a fishfinder in kayaks.


Just before inflate the kayak we will put the woods inside. The floor, the seat and the shelves. It´s very easy and we don´t need any tool. Just our hands. Once it´s all in it´s place we inflate the kayak.


Now we can inflate the kayak. First the floor and after that both sides. All of them has Push valves which allow us to deflate the kayak fast. In a few time we have it prepared.

We have a rope around the kayak and elastic ropes in the front and in the back so we can store a lot of stuff easy.


After everything is OK we inflate the seat and adjust it with two bands. The seat is very confortable, we can stay many hours without troubles. In It´s back we have places to store rods. It´s very useful so we can have different rods prepared and only take us a few seconds change from one to other.


The position over the kayak is really good. We can handle the rods easy. Spinning, fly fishing…


You can see the kayak prepared.

Because of the rigid floor (woods) it´s very easy go inside the kayak (and go out)

Casting is good too. We are plenty of space.

The kayak is very fast. The wind is not a problem and we can sail through it without problems. Fast and safe. In the sea just the same. The stability is very good and the wind is not a big problem.

When a fisherman tries a kayak he can see all the advantages over a boat. You can go over long distances, access to very shallow waters, no noise… You enjoy much more.


We wanted to check the stability. It´s really good. No problems with waves or wind. And when we caught a big fish (pikes) was very good too. No inclination, no hard movements…

We can´t say much more about it. We are very happy with this kayak. For rivers, lakes and even sea. In next days we will upload videos and reports so you could see how it works.


You can find it in Subandcast, and as always at the best price!

If you have any question or doubt we will be pleased to help you. You can write it here or in