Spearfishing Training – Chapter One – Before Starting



We are going to star a spearfishing training. Not freediving, this one will be for our sport. We chose to do it because of doubts we usually see. In our opinion freediving and spearfishing are not the same. There are a lot of common things, but other ones are different.


In spearfishing we are in apnea, that’s true. But a lot of situations and conditions are not the same. This one will be applied for spearfishing.

Some differences Spearfishing vs Freediving are: planning, controlled environment, usually calm waters, less time in the water, less dives in the same day, easier conditions between dives… There are a lot. We are not going to talk too much about that, it´s not the purpose. We only want to explain why we think that should be a specific training for spearfishing.


And don´t misinterpret us, freediving courses are very good and could help a spearfisher.

Along the course we will see: physic, physiology, trainings to improve, finning, relaxation… In each chapter we will upload it. We ask you to be patient between each chapter. And as always you will have the forum to ask doubts and offer your comments.

Probably you are thinking “who is this guy to talk about that” Well, my name is Juan López and I was competing a lot of years in different underwater disciplines: Spearfishing, Underwater photo (freediving) underwater photo (scuba), hockeysub… And I just want to share my experience. And sorry about my English, as you see it´s not very good (but I think you can understand this texts)


After this introduction we can go to the first chapter.


A spearfishing training it´s not say “ok, go to do it” It´s a typical mistake.


As all sports, we need a basis. An example: a 30-40 years old, smoker and no sport activity in all week. It´s unviable try a specific training. Not only spearfishing or freediving. Any sport.

Of course, you can start it, but at the same time you will need to improve your shape. We can have a good apnea, long, when we are rested. But if we can fight a current, waves, can´t breathe properly… we will lose this apnea. Maybe at home or in a swimming pool we have 2 minutes but will be frustrating when in the water it became into 30 seconds.


 So, in this first chapter we are going to try being in a better shape to start later the specific training. It will be aerobic exercises: running, swimming, biking, elliptical (cross trainer) it´s important. If you start doing it, in a few time you will feel the results. Don´t need a lot of time.

Swimming: probably one of the best exercises. Half an hour and 3 days a week will be enough. Swim as you can. And remember, we are not training for a competition. Just to feel better. Rest when you need it and start again.


Running: very easy. It´s a good exercise. The problem could be that our joints suffer much more. Specially in heavy persons.


Biking: other good exercise. It´s not aggressive to our joints. Can be made by everyone. But we will need more time that other exercises.

Elliptical (Cross trainer): probably the best one. The most similar to our movements in the water when we are finning. Don´t hurt our joints. Very good to heavy people too.


So this first chapter is just try to get a good shape. A bit of training. Will be the best base for spearfishing training.

And we will need to go spearfishing as much as we can. We need to be used to this specific conditions. Cold, waves, currents, sea sick… Probably a lot of days are not good weather but we will be training (of course our safety is the first)

Other very important thing is our weight. If we are overweight it will affect a lot. We can´t breathe properly. Our belly will complicate the abdominal ventilation. And we will need more diving weights. And will be slower. So it´s important try to lose weight if we need it.


Spearfishing is a very complete sport. Lot of factors are involved. It´s not only have a good apnea or be a good shape. Of course we are not talking about being an athlete.

And in spearfishing, as in all sports, if we are not training won´t improve it.

And we need good equipment. A wetsuit which fits ok and let us breathe properly. The fins must be good for us. Use the weight that we need. Not too much or less. Learn how to use our fins. How to start our dive…

Now it´s time to start training. In the next chapter we will go in deep.

We can assure that it works

So now… go training!