Review Salvimar Blend



This is a new wetsuit. New 2016 model. The Salvimar Blend was available last months in 3mm and 5.5mm but now we can have it in 7mm jacket. So we chose 7mm jacket and 5.5mm pants.

We are going to start with a description and the details.


Salvimar Blend has an awesome camu, as Salvimar use to offer. But this time improved it even more. The neoprene is a Nam Liong 3D, medium density, Nylon outside and microporous inside.

The name Blend is good for this wetsuit as it is elastic. It´s the most elastic in Salvimar (with 7mm jacket) Only the Nebula is more elastic, but it´s not available in 7mm jacket (soon will have news about that) The Blend is the top wetsuit, over the NAT or NEXT models. Warmer and more elastic.

It has top quality finish as we can see in the hood, wrists and ankles. Maybe we would choose a different finish (waterproof) for colder waters and avoid leaks. But this neoprene is better for lukewarm waters so we don´t that. In these situations it will offer elasticity, durability and an awesome camu.


The neoprene is a nam Liong 3D medium density. We found it elastic and very comfortable. The nylon is not as elastic as lycra but offer a good camo and durability. There is no doubt it´s Salvimar´s more elastic wetsuit in 7mm jacket.

One feature of this neoprene is it´s “Super flex neoprene with an excellent elastic memory” theoretically this neoprene will recover the thickness going to 30m. So at the surface it will be again with the same thickness. We would need more time to confirm it but this first times seems to be true. Other low and medium density neoprenes you can feel how they lose thickness when they are in 20-30m. So after a few months they become thinner. This neoprene gave us good sensations and was perfect from one day to the next.


Salvimar always want to offer as less seams as they can. That is more elasticity and more confortable wetsuits. And in the Salvimar Blend is the same. This wetsuit fits perfectly to us. Really confortable and we can affirm that using smoothskin wetsuits most of the time.

We can´t say much more about the camu. Much better a few pictures.



We choose a different size in pants and jacket. A good option in this model as it is usual wear different size.

We wear the wetsuit and it feels like wear nothing. Really confortable. Let us breathe properly and do all the movements. Maybe the finish in the hood and wrists is a bit strange as we can feel the nylon there. But that finish will be very durable.


The pants are high waist ending a few cm from the chest.

The hood is not too much closed as we can see in the picture.


It is reinforced in the elbows, knees and chest. They are thin and allow a perfect elasticity doing their job.

In a 15 degress waters we are perfect. No cold at all. And when we went deeper was perfect too. At 20m the water was 14 degrees. We were really confortable.


We are not going to talk too much about the camu. You know our opinion about how it works in spearfishing (here is the article) And we were fishing in kelp/sand/rock so this camu was not designed to this situations. But we like it as it has a lot of dark colours. And no doubt it is really fancy.

We were using it some days and we didn´t realize that it lost thickness so seems that it´s true what they say about elastic memory.

If it has something bad, it´s the price. Around 275 euros jacket in 7mm and 5mm pants.


Our opinion: a good wetsuit. Elastic, warm and very comfortable. A great option for all spearos who like camo. But not the best option for very cold waters (would say below 12-13degrees)

You can find it in Subandcast, your spearfishing shop and always the best price and expert advice.